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Job offer related to "⁨AI⁩"

AI Solution Engineer


Responsible for the development of systems related to AI and data utilization (data collection and management, AI model management, AI analysis, and other AIOps-related systems), it is important to design and develop high-quality infrastructure for trustworthiness and extensibility. It is also necessary to include diverse calculations such as logistics and IoT in addition to the design and implementation of AI technology, and it is essential to have a wide range of business.

Data Scientist


In the recruitment position, it is necessary to utilize IT technology to visualize channel data and maintain customer relationships. In addition, it applies machine learning, AI, IoT, big data, and other skills to collect and analyze information, and provides services to support customer needs. We welcome those with experience in SEO, PR, advertising, and AI technology development and application.

AI engineering


In the field of AI engineering, there are tasks such as AI accuracy improvement work and project promotion support work. We welcome those who are familiar with technologies such as Linux and Python, and those who want to work with AI and venture.




Data Science Engineer

dotData, Inc.

In this position, you will verify the value of products by conducting customer and community feedback, solve customer issues using products, and collaborate with customers to strengthen product feedback and strengthen products. You will also be responsible for products that involve using Python.

Machine Learning/Data Scientist


As a machine learning/data scientist, you will develop and improve the 'Weave' based on 'Untangle', and conduct algorithm development, evaluation, and implementation, using knowledge of aviation industry and data analysis, and practical experience in algorithm development.

AI Engineer


As an AI engineer, you will be responsible for AI development at our company, mainly from the domain of AI, defining requirements, and developing extensively. By actively participating in the development of the company's products, you will create an environment that promotes personal and company growth.

Analytics Consultant (Various fields of finance/manufacturing/small-scale transportation)

dotData, Inc.

In this position, you will be expected to anticipate the procurement of sales through marketing/sales activities in various fields of finance/small-scale manufacturing/transportation and deepen relationships with customers and parents, and expand customer value through business activities. You will also contribute to the expansion of customer and company relationships by promoting business activities through customer and company relationships, and by providing value propositions and proposals for customer and company relationships.