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Job offer related to "⁨AWS⁩"

Data Engineer


For recruitment positions, experience in large-scale data processing, design and experience of DB, Kubernetes and AWS services are welcome. If you join our company, you will be able to utilize advanced data processing technology and create innovative services.

Engineer (On-premises)


In the recruitment of engineers, we seek tasks that contribute to the placement, creation, operation, and systematic expansion of servers, as well as the replacement of regular servers. Additionally, skills related to languages such as Go, Python, TypeScript, and technologies like GCP (Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run) are required.

SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)


At Rimo, we are looking to improve the speed and stability of services and to build a foundation for high productivity in the development and production of entertainment, as well as to actively incorporate innovative technologies into development, such as the most suitable optimization of backend servers and AI usage in voice recognition and AI relearning.

Quantum Engineer (Quantum Analyst)


We are looking for individuals who are well-versed in AI engineering, natural language processing, and optimization. Experience in Python programming and development in a team is required. We also welcome those who are enthusiastic about developing cutting-edge technology around quantum computing.

AI Solution Engineer


Responsible for the development of systems related to AI and data utilization (data collection and management, AI model management, AI analysis, and other AIOps-related systems), it is important to design and develop high-quality infrastructure for trustworthiness and extensibility. It is also necessary to include diverse calculations such as logistics and IoT in addition to the design and implementation of AI technology, and it is essential to have a wide range of business.

Data Scientist/Data Analyst


For data scientists/data analysts, we will conduct location big data analysis, light analysis, implementation, and business tasks such as creating visualization of location information, data utilization, and creating data analysis frameworks in the MaaS field. We are looking for those who can contribute to solving important decision-making and area issues in the area.

Machine Learning Engineer


In the position of machine learning engineer, you will be responsible for the development in the field of machine learning at the company's self-service system WALL, including the development of new functions, maintenance, operation, PoC of the company's self-service system, initial investigation, analysis of client data, and wide-ranging work such as improvement proposals. Practical experience using technologies such as Python, TypeScript, FastAPI, React, Redux, Next.js, Tensorflow, Pythorch, scikit-learn, AWS, PostgreSQL using machine learning is required.

Cloud integration engineer


In this position, you will be responsible for managing AWS, implementing ISO standards, promoting the simplification and automation of operations, and contributing to extensive business development as a cloud integration engineer. Additionally, you will be involved in the development of frontend and backend systems, as well as the development of frontend and backend systems.