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Job offer related to "⁨GCP⁩"

AI Engineer


As a recruitment for AI engineers, the main job is the development of AI promotion, neoSmartChat, and research and development of LLM modules. We are looking for those who are familiar with Python and cloud technology, and have experience in team development. In addition, we are looking for those who can apply the latest AI technology and implement social implementation.

Quantum Engineer (Quantum Analyst)


We are looking for individuals who are well-versed in AI engineering, natural language processing, and optimization. Experience in Python programming and development in a team is required. We also welcome those who are enthusiastic about developing cutting-edge technology around quantum computing.

AI Engineer (Student)


As an AI engineer, you will be responsible for the research and development of AI technology, including the advancement of AI projects such as neoSmartChat and LLM models, and the active use of machine learning/Deep Learning knowledge. You will also be involved in a wide range of tasks, from practical application of the latest technology and academic papers to essential system improvements and performance optimizations, as well as the implementation of cutting-edge AI technology in social implementation.

SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)


At Rimo, we are looking to improve the speed and stability of services and to build a foundation for high productivity in the development and production of entertainment, as well as to actively incorporate innovative technologies into development, such as the most suitable optimization of backend servers and AI usage in voice recognition and AI relearning.

Engineer (On-premises)


In the recruitment of engineers, we seek tasks that contribute to the placement, creation, operation, and systematic expansion of servers, as well as the replacement of regular servers. Additionally, skills related to languages such as Go, Python, TypeScript, and technologies like GCP (Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run) are required.

Data Science Engineer

dotData, Inc.

In this position, you will verify the value of products by conducting customer and community feedback, solve customer issues using products, and collaborate with customers to strengthen product feedback and strengthen products. You will also be responsible for products that involve using Python.

AI (natural language processing)


As an AI (natural language processing) position, we are looking for experience in natural language processing and experience using Python and frameworks.


Infrastructure Engineer


As an infrastructure development leader for the improvement project of the organization improvement platform 'Wevox' as an information engineer, you will be required to design and select architecture and technology before system development, and at the same time, maximize the development efficiency while ensuring the stable operation of the system, and carry out tasks such as management of infrastructure before IaC, management of the foundation of the infrastructure, and work related to the operation.