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Information Engineer


As an information engineer, you will be involved in the implementation of IT strategies such as the introduction of basic systems for global system integration projects, design, and construction, and IT strategies. General knowledge of SaaS management, such as SAP ERP and S/4 HANA, and experience in system design and implementation are welcome.

Bioinformatics Specialist


As a bioinformatics specialist, the central task is to conduct research and development in fields such as data analysis, report writing, and support for research and development in fields such as bioinformatics, education, and medical and pharmaceutical fields, using knowledge of bioinformatics, education, and medical and pharmaceutical fields.


CAE×AI Environment Construction Engineer


From project planning related to high-speed optimization of CAE tasks using AI technology to implementation, we will realize shortening of the product development timeframe and improvement of product quality. We will also contribute to the efficiency of product development by using Python and Tensorflow.

Security System Development Engineer


In the position to be recruited, we are looking for those who have experience in the development/operation/design support, etc. of security systems such as Zscaler, Netskope, and Okta, and who can also expect to be active in other fields.

Data Science Engineer

dotData, Inc.

In this position, you will verify the value of products by conducting customer and community feedback, solve customer issues using products, and collaborate with customers to strengthen product feedback and strengthen products. You will also be responsible for products that involve using Python.

AI Engineer (Student)


As an AI engineer, you will be responsible for the research and development of AI technology, including the advancement of AI projects such as neoSmartChat and LLM models, and the active use of machine learning/Deep Learning knowledge. You will also be involved in a wide range of tasks, from practical application of the latest technology and academic papers to essential system improvements and performance optimizations, as well as the implementation of cutting-edge AI technology in social implementation.


Simulation Engineer


We will carry out the planning, introduction, and deployment of automatic driving systems, and support the training and resolution of user department issues. We also have a wide range of business tasks such as precise evaluation and introduction support, IT fixed cost optimization, etc. In addition, it is expected that you will continue to work as a leader in promoting future business advancement.

Machine Learning Engineer


As a machine learning engineer/ML Engineer, the main responsibilities include the practical implementation of ML centered on NLP and the development of AI SaaS products. This includes project management of ML product development, research and development of ML models and services, research and development of technical papers and modules, and a wide range of business improvements for the entire team.


Edge AI Research and Development Engineer


We have been involved in the development of image search and security support systems for workplaces using AI technology, as well as research and development of small-scale/high-speed technology and its application. Experience in Python, machine learning, deep learning, and practical experience using Linux is a must.

Data Scientist


As a data scientist, we support the proactive data utilization of customers, propose and develop new applications of products, and support a wide range of business operations such as education support related to data utilization, implementation and feedback of strategies, and establishment of a data-driven culture. We are also involved in promoting the volume of practical implementation of projects and sharing with customers, expanding the E-learning content, and organizing events for customer companies.