Algorithm Engineer (image/video recognition)


  • Python
  • Deep Learning
  • PyTorch
  • Git
  • Machine Learning
  • paper improvement
  • Algorithm
  • AI

Company Info

ACES promotes digital transformation of real industry, conducts research and development of Deep Learning algorithm and AI algorithm/system, and supports the implementation of cutting-edge technology for client companies' DX and new business establishment.

Job Summary

As an Algorithm Engineer (image/video recognition), experience in Python development and knowledge of Deep Learning framework (PyTorch) are required. You will be engaged in practical implementation of cutting-edge research and development and support DX of client companies, as well as challenging work in social implementation.


As an Algorithm Engineer, you will be responsible for the research and development of Deep Learning algorithm and AI algorithm/system, from practical implementation of cutting-edge technology and paper improvement necessary for practical use, to joint implementation of DX of client companies. Strong interest and experience in Python development and machine learning research and development are required, and international conference presentation experience in the field of Deep Learning and image recognition is welcomed. Furthermore, in order to contribute to society through AI, it is essential to use technology to improve society and have a strong interest in the concept of the company.


Experience in Python development, knowledge and practical experience of Git and machine learning, strong interest in machine learning field, ability to read specialized papers (in English)

Welcomed Skills

High expertise in image recognition, practical experience in research and implementation of Python optimization, interest in machine learning field and international conference presentation, practical experience of top ranking in Kaggle and machine learning acceleration and AI optimization

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Algorithm Engineer (image/video recognition)


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