Navigation Engineer


  • CEH
  • Development of server security
  • product navigation
  • Project Management
  • server security
  • Dark signal technology
  • Information processing security assurance officer
  • Kanagawa
  • Logistics
  • 1,001 to 10,000

Company Info

PAS development department is responsible for the development of automatic car navigation system and the compliance with the laws and regulations of the server security. In order to respond to the widespread use of automatic car technology and the urgent response to server attacks, the company is actively developing advanced navigation technology and promoting international standards and legal compliance.

Job Summary

Position responsible for promoting the development of navigation system functions and compliance with server security laws and regulations. Wide-ranging duties include creating evaluation documents that demonstrate the development of navigation system functions and legal compliance, and extensive business experience related to development of server security systems and server security.


Promote the development of navigation system functions, product navigation, and server security compliance, and communicate with internal related departments and contact basic design, implementation, and evaluation of software development related to software development.


Experience in server security development (3 years or more), basic knowledge related to product navigation (no level required)

Welcomed Skills

Experience in project management of server security, practical experience of product navigation, experience in dark signal technology and function development, language ability (equivalent to TOIEC 600 points), related qualifications of product navigation (information processing security assurance officer, CISSP, CEH, etc.)

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Navigation Engineer


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