AI Engineer


  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Linux
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • TensorFlow
  • Chainer
  • Machine Learning
  • natural language processing
  • ⁨¥⁩⁨6,000,000⁩ - ⁨9,500,000⁩
  • IT
  • 11 to 100

Company Info

Yuzarocal aims to improve productivity and social progress by utilizing the power of data AI, making society more prosperous, more transparent, and more advanced, and providing a better life for people. We provide innovative services that utilize AI, such as the development of conversation systems and machine learning and natural language processing technologies, as well as the development of our own systems using AI.

Job Summary

We are looking for someone who has experience in developing conversation systems and machine learning and natural language processing using AI, and who can perform tasks related to new services and technologies that utilize AI. In addition, we actively incorporate data from social media and blogs, and use machine learning for tasks.


Development of conversation systems, machine learning, and natural language processing using AI


Experience with scripting languages (Python, Ruby, etc.), Experience with Linux environments and database systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.), Experience in natural language processing and machine learning, Welcome to those who have experience in using deep learning frameworks (TensorFlow, Chainer, etc.), Those who have experience in research on machine learning and natural language processing at universities, etc., Those who are interested in new services and technologies, and can consider them on their own

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AI Engineer


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