Data Scientist

dotData, Inc.

  • AI automation
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Big data
  • Software Engineering

Company Info

dotData is a startup company that supports digital transformation (DX) of companies by automating AI. In the rapidly growing AI field, we work as specialists to grow and work with excellent engineers internationally. We work together with excellent engineers internationally to support the work of the company.

Job Summary

In the job position, you will be involved in work related to AI automation and data science, such as backend engineer, frontend engineer, UX designer, solution architect, and analytics consultant. In a global environment, you will work in a global environment to receive and work in a stimulating environment where you can experience new ideas and be recommended.


At the company, you will perform work related to data science. Specifically, you will perform tasks such as large-scale data collection, preprocessing, analysis, model construction, predictive model development, planning of data utilization methods, and activities to improve customer proposals. In addition, you will apply machine learning and deep learning to solve business issues and support the maximization of business value.

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Data Scientist

dotData, Inc.

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