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Social infrastructure engineer


  • IoT
  • Software Development
  • Network Security
  • Assembly
  • Programming tools
  • Information processing security support experts
  • Social infrastructure
  • Communication protocol development
  • OS kernel
  • Social infrastructure engineer
  • Social infrastructure security
  • Social infrastructure measures
  • Social infrastructure diagnosis
  • IT lower level technology
  • Factory Automation(FA)
  • Salary ⁨¥⁩⁨4,000,000⁩ - ⁨10,600,000⁩
  • Work Location Kanagawa
  • Company employee count Over 10,000
  • Link to this company's homepage. Company Homepage

Company Info

Sanshin Electric Co., Ltd. provides systems that support social infrastructure, and integrates environmental engineering business. In addition, we plan the construction of social infrastructure S/W and extend it to provide system development business.

Job Summary

The work of a social infrastructure engineer includes the creation of social infrastructure such as FA/systems and the implementation of social infrastructure measures (vulnerability diagnosis, phishing, penetration testing, etc.). In addition, we are looking for people who can learn the basic ideas of introducing social infrastructure into the development/operation of equipment/systems and acquire social infrastructure diagnosis technology to protect society from cyber attacks.


Vulnerability diagnosis of social infrastructure ○ Specifically, Sanyo Electric will implement social infrastructure PSIRT as a measure to protect society from cyber attacks -Creation of social infrastructure -Design and implementation of social infrastructure functions of equipment/systems -Social infrastructure diagnosis (vulnerability diagnosis, phishing, penetration testing) In addition, we will strive to maintain a sense of mission to protect society from cyber attacks.


・Practical experience/2 years or more related to social infrastructure diagnosis ・Practical experience/2 years or more in monitoring, planning, and development of network security related to network security ・Practical experience/4 years or more in software development related to IT lower level technology

Welcomed Skills

・Those with practical experience in business systems and communication protocol development ・Those who have the qualifications of information processing security support experts ・Those with practical experience in the design/development of FA equipment/systems and the design/implementation of social infrastructure measures ・Those who have practical experience in IT lower level technology such as OS kernel and assembly ・Those who have a high English proficiency (TOEIC800 or higher)

*Data presented in this article may be outdated. If you notice a discrepancy in our data, please notify us on our contact page, here following this link.

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Social infrastructure engineer


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