Machine Learning Engineer


  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • Chainer
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • natural language processing
  • Image Processing
  • voice processing
  • Structural data processing
  • Ohter
  • 11 to 100

Company Info

Laboro.AI is challenging AI development that delivers AI development that integrates the latest human knowledge and machine learning technology, from introduction to implementation of PoC, in-house and other company solutions, and contributes to business results.

Job Summary

In the development of machine learning and AI, we use machine learning technology such as the development of machine learning basics and deep learning, and wide-ranging business that is aimed at customer project development and machine learning solution development for clients.


At the company, we are responsible for the development of machine learning and AI, the development of machine learning basics and deep learning, customer project development aimed at client projects, and the technical explanation and presentation of technology to clients. In addition, experience in using machine learning and above Japanese language ability is a mandatory condition. Furthermore, we are looking for skills in related to conferences and papers on international conferences related to machine learning and engineering, experience in programming using Python, experience in development using deep learning, and a desire for communication ability in English.


・Experience in using machine learning research ・Japanese language ability above business level

Welcomed Skills

・Academic background related to computer science and machine learning ・Submission to international conferences and technical magazines related to machine learning ・Practical experience in solving real-world problems through joint research ・Specialized knowledge in the specific field of machine learning ・Experience in programming using Python - No experience in academia is also acceptable ・Experience in the development of machine learning using frameworks such as Tensorflow, Keras, Chainer ・English communication skills (partly for foreign nationals)

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Machine Learning Engineer


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