Data Scientist


  • AI
  • DX
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analysis
  • optimization technology
  • Data Engineering
  • Cloud
  • platform construction
  • ⁨¥⁩⁨4,500,000⁩ - ⁨10,000,000⁩
  • Hyogo
  • Automotive
  • Over 10,000
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Company Info

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is developing a wide range of businesses such as aerospace, energy, engineering technology, railway vehicles, ships, and water treatment equipment. We are expanding our business globally by leveraging cutting-edge technology and developing global businesses.

Job Summary

Utilize AI, machine learning, and optimization technology to analyze data and extract issues and support business department's various problem analysis and resolution. Promote business improvement from productivity/quality/direction, humanization, cost reduction, etc. based on AI technology, and realize overall DX transformation.


Analyze and solve problems for each business department (development, production, sales, distribution, etc.) using AI, machine learning, and optimization technology, and promote business improvement, realizing overall DX transformation. Responsible for practical business support of data analysis technology and data utilization, and recruitment of business improvement supporters based on data utilization.


Master's degree or higher, technology of AI, machine learning, practical experience of project leader or team management of development and organization management

Welcomed Skills

Practical experience of business improvement based on data utilization, TOEIC 600 or higher

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Data Scientist


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