Analytics Engineer


  • Analytics Engineer
  • BigQuery
  • DWH
  • Reverse ETL
  • Python
  • DevOps
  • MLOps
  • techBlog
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Mart
  • Machine Learning
  • natural language processing
  • Information retrieval
  • Open source project
  • Technical blog
  • Tokyo
  • Ohter
  • 11 to 100

Company Info

Beatrust provides value to users by utilizing machine learning technology and providing data analysis, and conducts data utilization and integration for various purposes. We are recruiting for a support staff to discover the potential of data to the maximum extent in the aspects of data quality management and utilization, and to collect talents who can develop a system to discover the potential of data to the maximum extent.

Job Summary

For Analytics Engineers, we are responsible for the construction and operation of data-based infrastructure that can maximize the discovery of data potential, such as DWH and data mart, and the construction and operation of data-based work such as ETL for natural language processing.


We collect and organize data collected from inside and outside the Beatrust service, and construct and operate data-based infrastructure such as DWH and data mart, and construct and operate data utilization for Reverse ETL and other data applications, and construct and operate data quality management for data, and select and construct the analysis infrastructure, technology blog, and participation in external technical dissemination activities.


・Understanding and empathy for Beatrust's Vision and Mission ・Practical experience of 3 years or more in a related job (Data Engineer, Data Scientist, etc.) ・Knowledge and experience related to data analysis ・Experience in handling DB such as MySQL / PostgreSQL / BigQuery ・Knowledge and experience related to cloud environments such as GCP / AWS / Azure ・Insight into the development and sharing of technology ・Enthusiasm for the improvement and sharing of technology ・Coding skills in Python ・English (communication with English-speaking members within Beatrust and coordination with communities)

Welcomed Skills

・Experience in leading development projects ・Knowledge and experience related to DevOps / MLOps ・Fundamental insights into machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval ・Participation in open source projects, blogs, and external dissemination activities ・Ability to work in Japanese daily conversation level or above ・Ability to work in business level English or above

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Analytics Engineer


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