Data Scientist


  • Python
  • HTML
  • Java Script
  • React
  • Vue
  • GraphDB
  • RDF Store
  • SQL
  • Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • AWS
  • natural language processing
  • Data Analysis
  • UI development
  • ⁨¥⁩⁨4,500,000⁩ - ⁨10,000,000⁩
  • Aichi
  • Automotive
  • Over 10,000
  • Home Page

Company Info

AI technology is applied to promote product development DX, and shorten product quality improvement and lead time. We are working on applying various technologies such as natural language processing and data analysis, and developing technology to automatically extract knowledge from design technology documents and knowledge graphs. We are also working on the development of knowledge graph construction technology and knowledge graph ontology development.

Job Summary

We are working on the development and application of technology to automatically extract knowledge from design technology documents and knowledge graphs using AI technology, and to apply knowledge graph development to improve product quality. We are also promoting the development of various technologies that are closely related to natural language processing and knowledge graph ontology development from design data and knowledge.


By looking at the shortening of the product development lead time and the improvement of product quality, and automatically extracting knowledge from design technology documents (classification, association extraction, etc.) and applying knowledge graph construction technology, we will be able to apply the development of efficient design work in a state where it is easy to use and apply information as data. ・ Knowledge extraction from natural language data (fixed expression extraction, related extraction, etc.) ・ Knowledge systematization (ontology development, knowledge graph construction) ・ Development of knowledge utilization design support tools ・ Development and deployment of design support tool development and expansion of knowledge graph


・Experience in Python development (3 years or more) ・Logical thinking ability ・Practical experience in natural language processing ・Practical experience in machine learning development

Welcomed Skills

・Experience in ontology knowledge graph development (welcome) ・DX practical experience ・Practical experience in machine learning development ・English ability (TOEIC 800~)

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Data Scientist


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